Glue Dots Low-Profile 1/2" 1,500 roll
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Glue Dots Adhesives are double-sided, instant bonding adhesives, providing a clean and easy adhesive solution for everyday life. As the original product of its kind and category leader, the Glue Dots Brand offers a wide range of adhesive formulas and formats. As an easy-to-use, non-toxic and photo safe adhesive, Glue Dots products provide a safe and easy adhesive solution


Industries that use GLUE DOT include Manufacturing, medical/pharmacuetical, beverage, packaging, gift basket assemble, schools, libraries and more


tack levels :

Low tack              DSP11-401

Medium tack        DSP 21-401

High Tack            DSP31-401

Super High Tack   DSP41-401

  • Item #: DSP-401

Glue Dots Low-Profile 1/2" 1,500 roll

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