Glue Dots Removable  MatrX®  1/4"
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MatrX™ adhesives feature a continuous pattern of pressure sensitive adhesive micro dots that are a cleaner alternative to double-sided tapes and traditional transfer tapes.


Benefits of MatrX:

  • Instant Bonding
  • Easy To Use
  • Clean Cutoff with No Residue
  • Less Waste

MatrX is available in two standard sizes: 1/2" and 1/4"

20 Yards

Permanent    or  Removable formulas

Easily apply MatrX with the Dot Shot® Pro manual adhesive applicator.


  • Item #: DSPM84-2020

Glue Dots Removable MatrX® 1/4"

Price: $7.20
97 or more: $6.20 each
768 or more: $4.95 each
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