Demo Kits are the Cost-effective Way to Try our Adhesive Solutions
Looking to increase your productivity with a the right alternative to double-sided tapes, liquid glues and hot melt adhesives? Discover how Glue Dots' mess-free, instant bonding adhesives can accomplish your objective, without breaking the bank. 

Benefits of this Demo Kit: 

  • A savings of $44.00  when compared to buying items separately$109.00; the Demo Kit is only $65.00. 
  • Have a hands-on experience of the features and benefits of the Dot Shot Pro and compatible adhesives with little up-front investment.

Why Should You Try this Applicator?
Quickly apply adhesives anytime, anywhere with the portable, hand-held Dot Shot® Pro. Versatile and easy-to-use, this hand-held applicator can be used with  Standard, Stitch and MatrX®

  • Item #: DSPDEMO

Glue Dots STARTER/DEMO kit

Price: $65.00
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